Our design ethos

Architectural approach
Great architecture should not only be pleasurable to occupy, it should work invisibly to meet the requirements of spaces’ intended use and end-user. It should not be obvious or cumbersome to the end-user. We never embark on new projects with preconceived ideas of the design outcome and approach every commission with openness and a recognition that form should always follow function.

Eliminate waste
Our entire team is constantly innovating to be more efficient in our design processes and our approach to design. Efficiency in our processes allows more time on the design which inevitably delivers better outcomes for our Clients. Whilst taking a zero-waste design approach ensures that our projects are delivered more economically and sustainably.

Create lasting partnerships 
We work tirelessly to deliver exceptional service to exceptional clients and strongly believe in quality over quantity. We focus on a small number of projects at one time, to ensure projects are adequately resourced and the needs of our most important partners, our clients, are always met.

Our Team

Startari was established in 2016 by architect Daniel Startari, following a successful career spanning 17 years in design, project management and construction. From our office in Adelaide, South Australia, Daniel leads a team of inspired, enthusiastic, detail-oriented designers, delivering highly acclaimed projects at home and overseas.

Daniel Startari


Innovative, passionate, and detail-driven, Daniel Startari (B.Arch) is not only an accomplished architect and project manager, but also a licensed builder, and brings over 17 years of experience in the industry. He has worked with numerous global design practices both in Australia and overseas, including 7 years in the Middle East where his extensive travel commitments fuelled his passion to explore the world’s diverse cultures, communities and architectural styles. In 2016, Daniel launched Startari and since then he has been privileged to work with some incredible clients and people who, together, have made him the architect he is today.

Kallum Brown

Graduate of Architecture

Kallum joined Startari in early 2022. Driven by a belief in architecture’s ability to foster positive experiences. His attention to detail shapes each project, managing the balance between function and aesthetics to elevate the built form. Kallum’s desire to learn from each project is evident through ongoing refinement in crafting meaningful spaces. His commitment mirrors Startari’s ethos, ensuring all projects achieve the highest architectural outcomes.

Steven Lipapis

Graduate of Architecture

Steven joined Startari in 2023. His passion and enthusiasm for architecture stemmed from growing up with family members in the construction industry. Steven enjoys seeing projects go from concept to completion and guiding clients through that process. He believes that great architecture is achieved when it contributes positively to its context and when Architects push boundaries and produce work, they are proud to put their name to. His attention to detail and work ethic aligns with the values and beliefs of Startari.