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  • Project Heathpool Pavilion
  • Location Heathpool, South Australia
  • Status Completed 2020
  • Sector Residential

Originally conceived as a purpose-built art studio, this unique project evolved into a multiuse space encompassing a garden pavilion, veranda, and outdoor dining area.

Inspiration for the design came after considering how the clients – a retired couple – live and enjoy their time at home, and how the new addition could enhance their lifestyle.

The design was developed, first and foremost, from its purpose, orientation, and surroundings. Gently touching the existing home, the pavilion manages to establish a new architectural identity for the rear of the property without opposing the traditional style of the existing residence. It gracefully blends into its surroundings and its subtle detachment from the existing residence allows the space to be filled with sunlight during winter, but remain cool and shaded in summer.

The carefully crafted interior surfaces and choice of materials not only add warmth to the concrete floor, but also provide the practicality and durability required for creating art.

In addition to slightly elevating the pavilion from its surroundings, the off-form concrete base doubles as an informal perimeter bench for sitting and enjoying the garden.

An inspiring, relaxing, creative space, the success of the pavilion rests squarely on the cultivation of the clients’ faith in our vision and a shared appreciation for good art and good architecture.