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Automotive Consultancy

We understand the automotive industry

We are one of the few firms with people that have worked in the automotive industry, and understand the complex process and procedures associated with the industry. As such, we offer a range of building design, project management and facility inspection services specifically tailored for the Automotive Industry.

Architectural Design Services

Creating exciting experiences for customers

Dealerships are complex structures that require in-depth knowledge of sales and service processes to design them correctly.

While respecting the requirements of the manufacturers corporate design guideline and local requirements, we produce designs that are unique, create new and exciting experiences for customers and most importantly, meet the functional requirements of the dealership.

Manufacturers’ Design Documentation

Initial concept designs

In accordance with the manufacturers corporate design guideline and local requirements, we can produce the initial building concept design on behalf of the manufacturer. The output is a document (similar to the example displayed here) which includes floor plans, elevations, sections, areas and visualisations that both the manufacturer and dealer can agree upon before the project advances to the next stages.

Electric Vehicle Infrastructure

The future has already arrived

In recent years automotive manufacturers have steadily increased their Electric Vehicle (EV) product range in response to the demands of customers as well as government incentives. Consequently, the need for EV infrastructure at dealerships has also increased, often resulting in dealerships being ill prepared to install the new infrastructure.

Whether it be EV infrastructure for a single dealership or the roll-out of charging stations to your entire network, we are able to manage the entire process on behalf of the manufacturer or dealership.

We will analyse the existing capacities of your dealerships, implement a plan to upgrade the electrical load (if required), design and locate the new infrastructure and manage the procurement and installation.

Retail Digitisation

Creating outstanding experiences for clients

Digital communication in dealerships provides customers with the most up-to-date product information, creates opportunities for up-selling and cross selling, and has the ability to emotionalise the buying experience in more powerful ways.

Making the transition

The transition from analogue to digital communication can be difficult and costly if not managed well.

We offer project management services to oversee the entire process for you. We can assist in determining the best digital solution for your dealerships (based on the manufacturers guideline or a new design), manage the procurement and installation of digital equipment. Once the digital system has been installed we can then ensure your dealership receive the right training to use the system to its maximum potential

Facility Inspections

Maintaining the highest of standards

We understand the importance of delivering an amazing experience for each customer who visits a dealership. Nothing supports this more than a dealership’s overall appearance, ensuring a strong first impression.

We offer annual or bi-annual inspections of your existing dealerships to ensure they are maintained to high standards on a continual basis and that they are compliant with your corporate identity standards. In consultation with the manufacturer, we start by developing an inspection checklist which covers all areas related to corporate identity and facility maintenance. Our trained inspectors will conduct the inspections in consultation with the dealerships.

The report clearly outlines the dealership’s results and recommends areas for improvement. Supported by photographs, the report includes a score which is a key measure for improvement for future inspections.

Our inspections can be further tailored to gather other important information about your dealerships, including VIN Numbers, vehicle stock, staffing, etc.

Special Projects

Project management that delivers

Our project management services extend beyond buildings and building related infrastructure and equipment. Whether it be preparing a project plan for a marketing campaign to scheduling the design, procurement and delivery of pop-up kiosks, we are able to plan the entire process and ensure the project is delivered on time and within budget.